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UV Ultra Violet Black Pocket Mini Keychain Light

Government Documents and Driver's License Verification.

Just Like The Pros - Use Your UV Mini-Light For:
Professional money and credit card checking, criminalogy, mineralogy, security inks and document checking.

Special Features - This light detects all three colors of bank note security flourescent filaments.

Counterfeit Money Detector - If it does not absorb the UV light, it's a fake. Also works with Euro, CAN$, HK$ and more.

Philately - Identify flourescent (tagging) on stamps of most countries. Some stamps printed on flourescent paper have a x1000 catalog value.

Antiques - Spot fakes and easily test glass, china, cast iron, crystal, pottery, paper, metal, textile, ivory, etc.

Minerals, Gems, and Diamonds - Over 200 minerals react under UV light with wonderful color changes. UV light is also used to check the authenticity of diamonds, natural or artificial.

Admission Gates - When UV ink is used, for readmissions.

Urine and Spray - Spot cat spray and other urine and rodent feces hidden from the naked eye, including human urine in hotel beds. This UV light reveals them all!

See Scorpions In The Dark and Watch Them Glow Brite Before They See You.
(Caution! Never try to touch a scorpion, they are poisonous.)

- Lock-on Button Makes It Easy To Use

- 100,000 HR. L.E.D. Bulb Life

- Check Currecy, Banks Notes, & Hand Stamps

- Great for Campers, Hikers, & Scientists, and All Outdoor Enthusiasts!

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